Italian-made Alpina snowmobiles are known for their power, durability, innovation and reliability. Alpina manufactures two snowmobiles: the Mk2, with a two-stroke engine and the Sherpa, which features a four-stroke engine. Alpina snowmobiles are intended for both recreational and utility use.
The Mk2 is the world's only dual-track snowmobile. This two-stroke model is one of a kind. It features two Kevlar and nylon tracks that offer superior grip, sliding performance and stability in any kind of snow. The dual track system gives added power and floating ability that really help get you through deep snow, up steep slopes and help you pull heavy loads. The added traction of the dual-track design helps the Mk2 perform where other machines lose their hold. Its low pressure to the ground helps you power through deep, fresh snow. The Mk2 is commonly used to prepare cross-country and sled-dog trails. It features a Hirth engine that gives outstanding power and torque even at low rpm. Its large towing capacity can haul several hundred pounds with ease. The Mk2 is a great choice for Forest Patrol, Rescue, Avalanche Survey or for anyone else who needs to go far off-road in snow and ice.
The Alpina Sherpa is named after the legendary Himalayan natives who assist mountaineers with their climbs up the famous peaks. The four-stroke engine of the Sherpa is not only powerful, but environmentally friendly as well. It is the only snowmobile with a Euro-3 conforming engine (the stringent standard for European auto emissions). The Sherpa engine runs silent and clean. It does not smell of burned oil or pollution. It runs at 75 HP and has 82 foot pounds of torque at 3400 RPM. This combination gives fuel savings of up to 50%. Sherpa snowmobiles can groom ski trails, groom small alpine slopes, pull skiers up the hill, transport food, firewood or passengers, service other equipment, ride to virgin snow, run Ski Patrol or rescue other conventional snowmobiles.

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