Arctic Cat, Inc. has been making snowmobiles for over forty years. The company, based in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, also manufacturers all-terrain vehicles, parts for their product lines and garments. Arctic Cat is one of the most well-known and well-regarded names in both the snowmobile and ATV industries.
Arctic Cat snowmobiles are divided into four categories: Performance, Hybrid, Mountain and Touring. Between these four lines are dozens of Arctic Cat snowmobiles to choose among.
The Arctic Cat Performance Series features three different lines: the F Series, the Family and the Jaguar. The Artic Cat 120 is a Family model designed especially for kids. This fun snowmobile is available in green and pink. The Jaguar Z1 model features a 4-stroke engine with 4 valves per cylinder. The F Series features snowmobiles with big horsepower and low emissions. They are also fuel efficient and comfortable for all day riding.
Hybrid models are designed for trail riding with features such as a sway bar, trail skis, a wider adjustable ski stance and racing spindles. Racing spindles increase turning radius by 10 degrees. They run on Suzuki 2-stroke oil injection engines.
Mountain snowmobiles are designed for use at high altitude. Arctic Cat has stripped these machines of unnecessary weight, allowing them to glide through the snow. For example, the rear suspension is lightened eight pounds by removing the torsion springs and redesigning the frame to decrease unsprung weight. Ride quality in hard pack conditions is greatly improved with the reduction in weight.
The Arctic Cat Touring line is designed for comfortable long distance travel. With more than 12 gallons in the tank, the Touring snowmobiles can take you almost anywhere, and back. Touring models come with a detachable passenger seat so you can take someone else with you. Slide Action Rear Suspension makes your ride smooth as can be.

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