Polaris started making snowmobiles in the 1950s. Before they built snowmobiles, they were a farm equipment manufacturer. Their very first snowmobile used a grain elevator conveyor belt for a track and pieces of a Chevy bumper for skis. The snowmobile industry was just getting started at the time. Snowmobiles proved invaluable for winter hunters traveling to remote hunting lodges, for utility workers who needed to do work in remote locations in winter time and for anyone else who wanted to get around with ease in the snow. Their Mustang and Colt models were instant successes during the 1960s and helped establish Polaris as an industry-leader in snowmobiles. During the 1970s, Polaris was famous for their racing snowmobiles. During the 1980s, Polaris branched out into the ATV market. By the 1990s, Polaris added a motorcycle line-Victory Motorcycles. Today, with more than 50 years in the business, Polaris manufactures quality vehicles of all types.
Polaris snowmobiles are offered in several different lines, including Performance, Crossover, Deep Snow, Trail and Touring. Performance models offer power, control and handling to get you across the snow to destinations other snowmobiles cannot reach.
Crossover model snowmobiles are designed for areas with varying snow levels. Their serious power, handling and control will take you across any type of snow. The Turbo Switchback model sports a 140 horsepower electronic fuel injection engine.
The Polaris Deep Snow models are intended for riding on the slopes at altitude. Take them up and down slopes, across sidehills or in the bowls. These models love deep snow.
Their economical Trail line of snowmobiles are excellent choices for new snowmobilers. This line includes a Youth model as well as several designed for adults. Trail snowmobiles are stylish and functional.
Polaris Touring model snowmobiles are designed for comfort. These snowmobiles can seat two or one for a refreshing ride across the snow. Their Comfort Skid and IQ Spindle allow a forgiving ride.
Whatever your needs, Polaris has a snowmobile that will suit you. Their dozens of different models are available in all price ranges.

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