Redline Holding, LLC began as a high performance snowmobile manufacturer in southern California. Redline Performance Products, as it was then known, was unable to compete in the snowmobile market and declared bankruptcy and ceased operations in August 2004. Its assets were purchased by a group of investors from Fargo, ND. The investors sought to market high performance recreational vehicles. The first product the Redline team produced is the Revolt All-terrain vehicle or ATV. Redline does not currently manufacture snowmobiles, but may do so in the future.
The last snowmobiles produced by Redline were the 2005 model 800 Revolt snowmobile. Between 600 and 700 of these were shipped to Redline dealers in early 2004. These models gave a very impressive ride. Their handling was precise. The 800 Revolt turned corners with ease. Their suspensions were awesome and their chassis were a design breakthrough for snowmobiles. Despite the accolades heaped on this new model, Redline could not compete in the industry.

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