Scorpion Snowmobiles traces its history back to small town Minnesota in 1959. Three entrepreneurs in the twin cities of Crosby and Ironton decided to start a snowmobile business in order to survive in this newly-depressed former iron ore town. They called the company Trail-a-Sled, Inc., otherwise known as TAS. Their original design was an air-powered engine that would propel both a driver and passenger at high speed through difficult snow conditions. They were originally designed for commercial applications. Scorpion prospered through the 1960s and 1970s. In 1978, Scorpion was sold to rival Arctic Enterprises. By March 1980, Arctic Cat had closed the Scorpion production facility in Crosby-Ironton and had moved production of the last Scorpions to Thief River Falls, home of Arctic Cat. Vintage Scorpion snowmobiles are ever popular online on auction sites like Ebay. Each year Scorpion snowmobile enthusiasts participate in an annual homecoming event where they rally in the twin cities of Crosby-Ironton where they were originally manufactured. Vintage Scorpions are a hot commodity, find one today.

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