Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. was founded in 1955 in Japan as a motorcycle manufacturer. Over the years, Yamaha has diversified into several different motorized-vehicle products such as: motorized wheelchairs, outboard marine motors, Kart engines, robots, ATVs, remote controlled helicopters and snowmobiles. Yamaha was the first manufacturer to feature a 100% four-stroke product line. Yamaha maintains that four-stroke engines are clean, efficient and reliable while still offering superior performance.
Yamaha Snowmobiles are divided into several different lines: Sport, Crossover, Mountain, Grand Touring, Light Utility and Wide Track. Each snowmobile line is made up of several different models.
Yamaha Sport models include the RX-1 RTX, the Nytro and the Phazer. The Sport models are designed specifically to blast through rough trails.
The Yamaha Crossover line includes the RX Warrior GT and the RS Vector LTX GT. Crossovers are made for dependability, fuel economy and long-distance runs. Crossovers are equally at home both on and off-trail.
Snowmobiles in the Mountain line are lightweight specialty snowmobiles designed for hill climbing and powering trough powder snow. Yamaha Mountain models include the Phazer MTX, RX-1 MTX 40th and the FX Nytro MTX ER.
Grand Touring snowmobiles are built for the long-distance snowmobile rider who demands the ultimate in comfort. Their long-track base delivers a pleasurable ride. They can be ridden either solo or two-up.
Yamaha's only Light Utility snowmobile is the Venture Multi Purpose. With its huge rear deck and rack system, this snowmobile is called the "pick-up" of snowmobiles. Use it to haul a load to your favorite backwoods hunting lodge.
The Yamaha Wide Track models are their premier utility models. The RS Viking Professional features a dual range transmission to deliver excellent pulling power and fuel efficiency. These models will take you and your load anywhere.
With Yamaha's comprehensive array of snowmobiles, there's something for everyone. Visit your local Yamaha dealer to find yours.

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